Escort Jane (min booking 2 hours)

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Price per hour: €350

Escort amsterdam Jane (min booking 2 hours)
  • Escort amsterdam Jane (min booking 2 hours)
  • Escort amsterdam Jane (min booking 2 hours)
  • Escort amsterdam Jane (min booking 2 hours)
  • Escort amsterdam Jane (min booking 2 hours)

More information

Jane is a wonderfully charming woman. She’s nice and lovely and certainly knows how to have fun. She’s extremely energetic but she can be silent and thoughtful as well. She’s the kind of woman that craves new experiences. Always looking for that little bit of adventure. Jane also loves to talk about all sorts of things especially if it’s new to her.
She’s the picture perfect example of what people call exotic beauty. Anyone who glances at her will often look twice thinking that they couldn’t have seen anything so pretty. She’s a brunette, with silky hair so shiny that it draws attention away from her spellbinding features. Jane has a smile that can light up a room. While her eyes have this magnetic quality that you can’t help but stare at for hours on end. Her body looks like it was carved out of marble, graceful and slender the perfect example of sensuous femininity.
Jane has this infectious quality that can leave people laughing and smiling just from a few minutes with her. It’s like she could’ve moved mountains just to spread some smiles. She does it with her expressions. The lively animation behind them can’t help but feel the passion and charisma that she produces when talking. She also playful to the point that flirting with her is more of a game, an exciting pleasurable game.
Jane loves black tie affairs, it’s an excuse for her to get dressed up. That said, she isn’t out of place with just a regular dinner or perhaps a casual party. If you’re just looking to relax in the normal night in, she’s the girl to ask it’s the thing she enjoys the most. She also loves to come any getaway vacations since Jane thinks of them as a little adventure just waiting to be experienced.

Escort Details

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: 65
  • Minimum Hours: 2